Black Butte Stables

Interested in being a Wrangler at Black Butte Stables? This is a great job for someone who loves sharing the experience of horses with the many guests who come through every year. We are hiring for end of May through September, with some flexibility. Strong work ethic, as well as willingness to engage with guests and staff members is crucial. Wranglers are responsible for the care and management of horses, as well as leading trail rides and assisting guests with riding activities. The job requires physical activity, horse handling skills, and excellent customer service abilities. Wranglers must have a clean appearance and come to work dressed in western style, with boots, jeans and collared shirts everyday.

If this all sounds like a great fit, please send a resume and cover letter explaining your horse experience and why you think you would be a good fit for this position to blackbuttestablesco@gmail.com.